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The Conference; The East of the West, The West of the East, has taken place between 5 and 8th of June 2013 at Uksin Hoti University in Prizren Kosovo. Other institutional partners of the conference were Yolova University, Balıkesir University from Turkey and Tiran University, Korca University from Albania.

After 4 years, 2nd conference was held between 4th and 6th of July 2017 in Czech Republic Prag by the support of Young Scholars Union and Uksin Hoti university of Prizren.

The 3rd conference of the East of the West, West of the East will take place in Ohrid , republic of Macedonia, also known as pearl of the Balkans. This conference will be a joint organization of Young Scholars Union, Ukshin Hoti, St. Clement of Ohrid University of Bitola, University of Prizren Kosova and Marmara, Balıkesir and Adnan Menderes Universities of Turkey.

We will be happy to see you among us at the pearl of the Balkans which also is a historically well preserved old Ottoman settlement.

Conference language is Turkish and English.

Conference President
Ramë Vataj – Rector of Uksin Hoti University.